Saturday, May 29, 2010

Which Bike to Ride across America?

I love my bicycle...

...I don't want to hurt her feelings.

But while she was off at the shop getting gussied up for our ride across America...

...something happened.

I spent a lot of time with Phoenix, the bike I share with TJ.

We biked many miles - just the two of us.

We biked beautiful centuries and miserable ones.

We faced the wind together...

...and the rain.

We talked for hours on those long rides...

We chatted with garden gnomes on occasion.

Phoenix even wrote a blog for me.

And now that Ripley is back all pretty and white, how can I tell her I prefer another?

It's not his looks.

Nor his charming personality.

Honestly, he's kinder to my anatomy....

both posterior...

...and anterior.

and if we're going to spend 3,630 miles together I need all the kindness I can get!

But Frank says to go with Ripley.

She's been checked out from stem to stern.

New brakes, chains and cassettes.

She's ready for the cross-America challenge!

And she is so pretty in pictures!

How can I choose?

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