Monday, April 12, 2010

A Beautiful Century


What a beautiful day
for a 100 mile
bike ride!

Not too much wind.
Pleasant temperatures.
Blue skies with puffy white clouds.

And my legs felt strong.

My third century of the year
and the training was beginning
to show.

The birds were singing
all along
my route.

A red-winged blackbird decided to race me along a corn field.

He won.

The falling down barns had a certain glow.

...even when they showed sunlight between their slats.

And the cars?
Even the cars seemed a little friendlier on a day like this.

I passed woods
full of virginia bluebells
and lawns
full of cheerful dandelions.

Not for long...

The suburban men were out on their
John Deere mowers
and the country men were out on their
John Deere tractors.

One farmer riding his 4-wheeler was picking up trash along the roadside.

I thought about going for speed, but no...this was a day to enjoy and take pictures.

102 miles...

I finished strong, feeling wonderful.

And in plenty of time
for dinner.

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