Sunday, April 11, 2010

My fast rides

I know.

Fast Helen.

It's an oxymoron (that means two words that simply don't belong together).

I really don't do fast.

But once a week on Wednesdays I go out and bike as fast as I can for a distance. Each week 10% more.

So two weeks ago I biked till my heart was bursting for 19 miles. Average speed 14.7 mph.
Last week I did 20 miles. Average 14.7 mph.

Today I was up to 23 miles, but I could only hold 14.0 mph. My excuse was the firece headwind.

I do cheat.

Have you noticed wind starts out slower in the AM and picks up speed as the day progresses?

I don't know if that is true everywhere but it is sure true in East Central Indiana.

So I start out at the crack of dawn biking straight into that 9 mph headwind.

 I go half way as fast and hard as I can.

Then I take a break. Sit by a tree, eat a chocolate chop cookie and read my Kindle.
Look at my Droid puzzledly wondering what those sounds mean.

I wait and let the wind pick up speed.

Then I zoom home with a great tail wind of 12 mph.

I am certainly hoping that when we bike across America we have mostly tail winds, yes?
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