Saturday, April 10, 2010

Technology on the Bike Ride - Part 1 - The Droid

The Droid.

Six months ago you would have called me a Luddite - a person to whom technology is an alien language.

Maybe that's one reason I chose a phone that has a little alien for a symbol.

I recently got my hand slapped by techy brother Ed.

"What do you do with your Droid?" he asked.

"I make phone calls," I replied lamely.

"That is the worst app on the droid!" he exclaimed.

Hey! It's a cell phone, Ed!

So he grabbed my little Droid and started doing strange things with it.

Now I have these new little pictures on the screen for Twidroid and RunGPS.

Supposedly I can now Twitter and map my bike rides with my snazzy phone.

Trick is I need to learn how.

Katie is new to biking. She has found a biking coach to get her in shape for this big bike ride across America.

Where can I find a tech coach?

I've tried my kids. After my 3rd blank stare at them they throw up their hands and say, "Mom! You're hopeless.

Husband  Tom tries, but he finds it so much easier to just do it for me. Too bad he can't join me on this bike ride.

Ed? Well, to him these things come natural. You just start pushing buttons unafraid of totally crashing your system.

So I limp along - getting words of advice here and there.

And maybe by the time I'm lost in Wyoming I can figure out this danged GPS.
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