Friday, April 9, 2010

Saving turtles

I have a reputation as a turtle saver.

The box turtles I saved at Turtle Crossing.
That cranky snapping turtle on State Road 3.

When I spotted the box turtle on 125 West today I was glad I had just read the blog by Mike on America by Bicycle in Michigan.

I decided it was better to encourage initiative in this reptile. I always wanted my kids to be independent, why not turtles?

So, instead of swooping down and flying him unturtle-like to the other side, I shuffled him.

I scooted my bike shoes behind him and scared him so he - under his own power -  scuttled to the other side into the safety of the grass.

I have a certain fondness for turtles.

Maybe it's because we go the same speed.
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