Saturday, March 27, 2010

Looking for Hills

Indiana is flat.

Pancake flat.

I noticed when we took our kids on vacation to Michigan.

"Look, Mom! That funny road goes up!"

I realized then that their childhoods had been deprived of hills.

And hills take different biking muscles than long flat distances (my forte).

I know because I have biked the Hilly Hundred in southern Indiana (yes, they have hills.

The glaciers stopped their flat-ironing mid-Indiana).

When I bike hills it works my thighs more.
Flats do the calves.

I'll need both thighs and calves to bike across all of America.

Luckily, I live in the valley of the Big Blue River of Henry County which actually does have hills.

There is the notorious Turtle Crossing where twice in one week I had to stop to rescue a turtle who was trying to cross the bridge.

(which is better than the time the kids remember when I stopped on State Road 3 - a 6 lane highway - to rescue the ugliest snapping turtle from being smushed.....and he peed on me!)

We have the town of Mount Summit - an awe inspiring name to a town that challenges a pancake to flatness.

We do have some great hills on Greensboro Pike near Westwood Park - some of them are almost half a mile long!

Will I be ready for the Rockies?

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