Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saving the Blue River

After a rain, the Blue River runs brown.

In too many places, the banks have been denuded of trees.
The rain washes the soil into the river - smothering fish and blocking sunlight from the riverine plants.

On some creeks the farm animals tread the river bank adding their own brown deposits to the despondent river.

But Jeff Ray has a mission... save and protect the heart of the Blue River Valley.

Jeff has led innumerable river clean-ups pulling truckloads of tires out of the river.
They've yanked out clothes, shopping carts, trashbags.

One day they even found a dryer - with clothes still inside!
"Sounds like a divorce to me," said a volunteer.

Another day they found a fish!
Three cheers!

But there's more to saving a river than pulling out trash.

Jeff worked with the Red-tail Conservancy to buy the Blue River Bottoms.

Twenty acres of river front property with large trees and swales curving around the river.

Jeff has worked tirelessly - I take that back - Jeff does get tired...
...but he keeps on working.

Cutting out honeysuckle.

Planting swamp white oaks.

Nurturing this precious little acreage.

We need more people like Jeff Ray
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