Thursday, March 18, 2010

How do I bike fast?

I don't.

When Al and I were looking for an image to capture the excitement of our bike ride across America, the soaring hawk seemed a natural.

The hawk is majestic, wild, awe-inspiring.

And we are raising money for the Red-tail Conservancy whose logo is the hawk.

Dare I admit now that a better image might have been a snail?

Al and I are slow bikers. We take our time. We savor the moment.

And we love our rest stops.

When Al asked me what was my favorite moment of 2009, it wasn't biking 200 miles in one day.

It was resting after biking 200 miles in one day.

Or it was the cinnamon roll rest stop after the first 10 hilly miles in Clermont Florida?

Or maybe stopping to watch the surfers at Malibu.

We bike for the journey,
...not the destination.

We bike for the wonderful moments of rest.

We are not hawks.

But, I ask you, who would read a blog about snails?

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