Friday, March 19, 2010

Boys Biking America

Meet Cort and Christian.

These two boys are biking across America this very minute!

Instead of cruising through their senior year of high school, they are cruising across the country - cruising, that is, when they are not slogging uphill..into a head wind...and in snow.

They are biking to raise money for clean water in Haiti. People die every day from lack of clean water. This bike ride goes to support Living Water - check it out. Read their blog.

Pretty amazing that two  young guys from Memphis Tennessee are concerned enough about the people of Haiti to make this effort.

They've faced rugged conditions - snow and hail,  headwinds, cold and  searing heat.

But these guys are on a mission.
They take time to enjoy the cafes along the way and even take a night off to watch the Oscars.

Their parents are following them in a car to provide support and encouragement along the way.

Good luck Cort and Christian.
May the wind be always at your backs!
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