Friday, March 19, 2010

First Bike to Work Day

Today was the first bike-to-work day of the year!

Forty degrees, felt like 36, but the winds were from the SW, so that helped.

Loaded up the backpack with PBJs for lunch. Fed dogs and cat. Put on helmet. Clipped in pedals and I was off.

Biked by Jacks to get a doughnut for tomorrow's century attempt.

Jack senior was there. And Jack Junior holding what looked to be Jack the third.

The lady in front of me was digging in her purse unable to find the $1.60 for her doughnuts.
The customer next to her said, "I'll pay for hers."
Jack said, "That'll be $27.00"
Chuckles all around.
Friendly neighborhood place.
They told me they liked my blog.

Back out on the road.

Biked by my old junior high school - now North Campus for troubled kids.

Passed the liquor store where I had to duck for shelter once when a major thunderstorm hit.

That empty corner shop on Main Street was where my grandmother used to take me for a coke before my ballet lessons. She would buy me a comic book each week - Archie, Batman, Superman? It was always a tough decision.

On down the hill, under the railroad bridge.

If I bike the other way I get to avoid the big hill up to the hospital, but if I'm going to tackle the Rockies this summer I'd better work on this hill every day.

Finally I pulled into Henry County Hospital.

My bike made that gentle clicking as I wheeled it into the lab. The techs smiled.
"We thought we'd hear that sound today."

Four and a half miles.

Loaded with memories.
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