Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alex, the organic farmer

Lest you think Al only cares about biking and tango, let me tell you about her summer at Tomato Mountain.

This last summer great Aunt Mary dropped Al off at a somewhat dilapidated farmhouse in Southern Wisconsin for Al's summer job at an organic farm.

Under the guidance of Chris Covelli, Al and her fellow student farmer, Nicole learned what it means to grow our food.

From planting tomato plants in precise rows....




to the final fruit!

....and the farmers market.

Al always found time to make friends.

and they even put their visitors to work.

Exhausted at the end of a hard day's work, Al would rest on the balcony watching the sun set in rural Wisconsin.

Organic farming in Wisconsin.
Tango in Argentina
Biking across America.

This girl lives life to the fullest!

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