Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday after my 102 mile bike ride I felt great!
Today I was exhausted!

Tired, dehydrated, and HUNGRY....

I kept going down to the cafeteria to find more protein - hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, etc... I couldn't get enough!

I had forgotten my diary.

For 5 years now during biking season I kept notes in the Carmichael Training Systems Cyclists Diary.
It's more than how far and how fast you go each day.

It has you track your resting pulse, weight, mood and sleeping pattern.

Because over-training is more common among cyclists than under-training.

(Alex may be an exception)

You realize you are overtraining when your pulse rises, you drop weight unexpectedly, you're irritable, can't sleep.

Then, back off.

I tell you, the hardest thing to do is to get us type-A personalities to relax.

I tried today.
After work I was going to go out to The Land, sit in a lawn chair, read a book and listen to the birds.

But when I got home I saw the front flower beds needed weeding.

So I knelt down to pull out a weed.
And then another...
...and another.

There went my whole evening.

I ran out to The Land just in time to catch the sunset.

Maybe I'll relax tomorrow.
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