Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Land Part 6 - Our Local Land Trust

Something about having kids makes you think about the future.

Not just college
    and weddings
        and grandkids...

...but what kind of world will we be leaving them?

I want to leave my kids a world with sparkling rivers leaping with fish.
Fields of wildflowers.
Forests full of songbirds.

Apple blossoms...

...and redbuds.

A clear blue daylight sky and a night sky view of the Milky Way.

We fell in love with this land we bought.

We filled it with flowers and prairie grasses.

We planted little trees that now tower 20 feet and more.

This 33 acres is full of wild blackberries in the summer, apple blossoms in the spring; birds, bees and butterflies.

We wanted to know this land would be beautiful forever.

So we went to Barry Banks of the Red-tail Conservancy, our local land trust.

Barry was wonderful.

What do you want to protect?
Do you want to allow farming? hunting? logging?
Do you want to leave an option to build a single house on The Land?

Myself - I want to keep it natural.

It's a haven for the birds and butterflies and for people who need a respite from the concrete and noise of our world.

But it's nice to know we have options.

One rainy day in March 2004 Barry and some friends gathered with us under an umbrella to sign the papers promising Red-tail Conservancy would protect our land...


Thank you, Red-tail.
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