Friday, May 28, 2010

Blackbirds in the Wind

How do the blackbirds survive the wind?

We've had ferocious winds this spring.

I should know.

I've been biking in them.

Head down, struggling against the walls of wind...

I would be buffeted from side to side - sometimes it felt like I was wrestling a wild animal as I tried to keep my bike upright.

I only completed my windy century with the help of a mysterious friend.

How do the birds do it?

Man cannot build a strong enough shelter.

Just see what that straight line wind did to my memories and momentos.

Flattened in an instant.

Metal wrapped around mailboxes....

  ...walls tossed into pond.

And yet the blackbirds survive.

Their nest of grass hangs on the cattail like a hammock.

How does that nest survive the storms?

Fragile eggs left to the elements.

I never saw Mom blackbird sitting on her nest.

But she and Dad would attack me when I checked.

Finally hatching...

A few wary weeks as the parent birds rushed food to the hungry mouths.

And then - on a still, sunlit day, the baby birds flew for the very first time.

But I still wonder how -
protected only by grass, cattails and protective parents...

...the baby birds could survive the wind and weather.

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