Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My White Bike

A girl's gotta look spiffy if she's gonna bike across all of America.

So it's time to take away that gray!

My steel-gray Serotta had carried me 35,000 miles and she was looking a little worse for wear.

So my bike, Ripley, got a new paint job!

Now she's a sparkly white with springtime green trim.

Ready for the road.

Frank knew I hated to be away from her so he even came in on his day off to re-build her after her beauty treatment.

I rushed in to get her....

... and then I couldn't ride her!

She looked so pretty waiting there in the den with her spokes gleaming in the light.

How could I take her out on a miserable day?

I could just sit and admire her new colors while Phoenix bore the brunt of the weather, the dust, dirt and grime, etc...

And when I finally built up the courage to take her out this lovely Monday, we had a crisis!
Her cycling computer didn't work!

I cannot bike a centimeter without my Cat-eye!

So we rushed her to BGI where Troy worked diligently to restore her functions.

I think we wore out that Cat-eye.

35,000 miles was all it could handle.

So new Cat-eye and we were ready for the maiden voyage....

A beautiful bike to carry me across America!

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