Monday, April 19, 2010

Technology for the Bike Ride - Part 3 - The Backpack

I need a new backpack.

The old one is falling apart.

And I need it to carry a laptop for the bike ride across America.

I love my old backpack.

Twelve years ago I gave up a purse when I became a bike commuter.

This old backpack has been with me everywhere.
It has seen rain and cold.
It has been tossed, lost and re-found countless times.

It has been slept on and packed with tons and tons of books.

It is time to retire.

So we went to the Apple store and told Kari - we need a laptop and a backpack to carry it across the country this summer.

It also needs to carry food, because I eat a lot...

Clothes, because I wear a lot...

And lots and lots of books!

Kari said go to Eddie Bauer to get the Adventurer backpack

Lifetime guarantee.

It carries the 15 inch laptop in a padded pocket with a side access.

Lots of storage for clothes, food and books.

And, most important...

...kitty likes it.
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