Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Land - pictures of Indiana in April - looks like May

I couldn't help it!

After work I was supposed to bike eleven miles.

It was such a beautiful day!
 I decided to bike out in the country and pass by our land.
Big mistake.

As I started to cruise by, I noticed the Sargent crabapple tree, my favorite, had burst into bloom.

Wow! Our crabs usually don't bloom until May!
I had to stop to take a picture...

...or two.

Then I noticed the old apple tree - lovely flowers and my favorite scent in the world.

I had to visit her.

As I circled back to the barn I noticed Spike was also in bloom.

Spike is the crabapple KC planted for me 2 years ago.

I needed to take a picture for her.

Then I spotted the trees her 2nd grade class had planted many years ago - they deserved pictures.

And on the ground under them, spring beauties were blooming.

Once I'm lying on the ground I see all kinds of beautiful flowers.

I make a wish....

On down the path I see the Millie trees, named for Tom's mother.

Here I was amazed by the tulip trees just stretching out their leaves from bud.

The state tree of Indiana I have always loved the tulip shaped leaves...

...especially as they're first peeking out in the spring.

As I head back to the barn I noticed the prairie grasses tall and dry.

Should we burn our prairie?

The seed heads of the Monardas still smell sweet after the long winter.

I almost left, but then I noticed Angel and Buffy, the crabapples next to the long drive blooming.
I thought one of them had died but they came back to life.

A photo club needs to visit this land in the late afternoon.

With the warm colors of the evening sun you can study the light on the many flowers and leaves.

Take pictures looking up with the blue sky as a background...

Or aim down with the green grass as your backdrop.

Circle the flowering trees and you see the difference of the sunlight on the blossoms - 

either backlit as you shoot into the sun...

or bursting with color when the sun is to your back

 (these two pictures were taken seconds apart).

Now I could leave...
...after I capture a picture of a dogwood bloom just opening.

Two hours after I paused the bike...

the hour was getting late...

sun beginning to set.

I love this place.

Good night, Land

PS. Five of these pictures have critters in them. Can you find them?
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