Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bicycles on sidewalks, not! guest blogger, Phoenix, the bike.

Take it from me, sidewalks are not built for bicycles.

Despite the number of drivers who yell at Helen to get on the sidewalk, Indiana law says bikers have the same rights and responsibilities as cars.

Besides, sidewalks are hazardous for us bikes.

Drivers pull into our path to watch for a break in the traffic.

They turn right in front of us without even noticing we are there.

And whoever built those beautiful brick sidewalks didn't have to listen to Helen's teeth chatter as we rumble over them

Why do they put lampposts, trees and benches on the sidewalk if we are supposed to ride on it?

And what about those dangerous manhole covers?

Sometimes sidewalks can be beautiful.

Maddie's rider, Katie, wrote a nice blog about the fall of the cherry blossoms.

Her post helped me notice the candy-striping of the petal-filled sidewalk beside me.

The cars whizzed by, oblivious to the beauty just a few steps away.

It makes me glad I'm a bicycle...

...but I still don't like sidewalks.
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