Friday, April 16, 2010

Training for the Ride across America

Beautiful morning in Fishers, Indiana.

We had a refreshing rain just before sunrise.

The birds are nesting.

Kitty is watching the birds.

I am perusing the blogs by my fellow cyclists, Mark and Katie.

They are both biking across America with my daughter Alex and me and America by Bicycle.
We've only met by blog.

We live in very different places, we have different levels of experience, and we are training in different ways for this big bike ride.

Katie lives in New York City and has never biked before.

 She has a cycling coach and is working very hard building up to her first century (that's biking 100 miles in one day).

She takes lovely pictures of her rides around Central Park.

Mark lives in Maryland and is an experienced biker.

He has done several long rides for charity - his charity of choice - the American Lung Association.

He does a lot of group rides.

He just posted his schedule which includes this ride on the Skyline Drive - look at the elevation climbs the first 20 miles!

He will be ready for the Cascade Mountains in Oregon.

I bike alone.

Long distances.

My elevation gains are measured in inches.

But I do put in the miles.

Mark and I are both doing about 200 miles per week on bike.
Katie has built up to 100 miles in a week.
We are training hard to prepare for this amazing challenge...

...and then there's Alex.
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