Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preparing for the Ride across America

Rain today...
...all day long.

Mama duck rests on our lawn enjoying the shower.

My unplanted Mother's Day flowers are enjoying a drink on the porch.

Good day to stay off-bike and relax...

....but no!

In only 5 weeks I'll be biking across America for 50 days and 3,630 miles!

I've got so much to do!

Scouring through the lists sent by ABB I mentally sort through my belongings.

What can I take?
What must I leave behind?

Doesn't work.
I need to sort physically...

So I lay out all my favorite biking clothes...

Which jacket do I take?

The fancy green rain jacket is warmer and has a hood and zip pockets...

But my favorite has always been the basic yellow cape-in-the-rain look.

And how could I bike across America without My Red Jacket?

I find many of my favorite bike clothes have worn out....

My favorite long pants have a hole worn in the seat.

How did that happen?

And my favorite biking shoes have already seen 30,000 miles...

And to carry them all...

I need a duffel bag.

I bought a cool Eddie Bauer rolling duffel for this trip a few weeks ago.

It rolls fine.

It just doesn't stand up.

So time today on the internet researching duffels.

After all, I'll be living out of this bag for 50 days - 50 days of sweat, handwash and a tired body.

A good duffel bag should be worth the effort.

"High Sierra" said all the reviews -

but which one?

They make dozens of models...

I jotted down specifics - cubic inches, weight and dimensions - till my head was spinning.

I needed Katie to put it in a spreadsheet for me.

Finally I made the crucial step -

I did something I absolutely hate...

I went shopping.

Something about the American shopping mall depresses me.

I avoid it as much as I can.

But today I girded my loins - so to speak - and faced Macy's.

I'd rather bike 100 miles in the rain...with a headwind.

But the venture was worthwhile - this duffel is roomy...

...separate storage for the clothes that are clean vs the not-so-clean.

Light weight...


And it stands up!

Now KC will have to find a name for it.

To clear my head I stopped by Allisonville Nursery -

This kind of shopping I like.

Flowers and plants drinking in the spring rain....

I found companions for my Mother's Day flowers since annuals don't like to be planted alone.

Then home - to my lists and my preparations.

Is there any way I'll be ready to leave for Oregon in less than 5 weeks?

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