Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day Century

Waking up alone on Mother's Day I only had Dusty to greet me.

Out by the pond, Mama red-wing resented me checking in on her nest.

...and Mama duck was too busy checking out our garden.

So, on my lonesome, I took off on a chilly Mother's Day to bike a century.

It was a bright and beautiful day with big, puffy clouds.

But this century felt different.

I didn't stop along the way to take pictures of quirky signs and beautiful flowers.

(although I had to stop for this pansy - favorite flower of my mother and her mother before that.

I have always loved these little face-like blooms).

But this bike ride was meditative.

I kept thinking of the events of the last week...

My father's death...

The future of the farm....

My Mother...

My feet relentlessly spinning the pedals.
My head spinning my thoughts.

I was home for Mother's Day dinner with my Mom and kids.

They gave me flowers to plant in the Duck Garden.

It was a fast century for me.

I finished 100 miles in 8 1/2 hours.
Average speed 13.7 mph.

That's pretty speedy for me.
My legs felt great.

But it wasn't nearly as much fun.

Next week I'm slowing down again... enjoy the scenery.

Life is too precious to go so fast.

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