Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wisconsin - home of my heroes and forefathers

Biking across the country we will enter our sixth state, Wisconsin.

Rolling hills, dairy farms, great biking!
Second best in the nation!

My father's family settled in the charming village of New Glarus when they arrived from Switzerland.

Dad tells us stories of riding his pony, Buddy, from Madison to New Glarus.

I guess cross country travelling is in the genes.

We will be biking into my fatherland of Wisconsin once we leave Minnesota.

Beautiful countryside.

It must be inspiring countryside since this state also fathered two of my conservation heroes.

John Muir...

We will bike just south of the meadow that inspired John Muir to preserve land for future generations.

He tried to buy the meadow from his brother to save the beauty of the wildflowers.

John Muir went on to inspire the protection of Yosemite Park in California and actually the whole concept of a national park system

The Smokies
The Everglades

This whole idea of parklands belonging to the nation may have been born in this meadow in central Wisconsin.

And Aldo Leopold - we will be biking just north of his "shack" - the small glen in central Wisonsin where he wrote Sand County Almanac - perhaps the most beautiful book I've ever read.

Aldo was the first to think in terms of an ecosystem - the mountain lives in fear of the deer; the deer lives in fear of the wolf.

There must be something inspiring in the very air of this rolling landscape.

Breathe it in.
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