Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...and life goes on

I go to The Land

... sad ...

There is a peace here I find nowhere else.

But instead of peace I find amazement!

Is this where we burned the prairie just three weeks ago?

The grasses are fairly bursting from the ashes!

Wildflowers - more timid.

It is green beyond belief...

And the bluebird house...
The flames got so close..

I'm almost afraid to look...

OMG! Where there were four blue eggs we now have chicks!

Mom bluebird shoos me away.

So I go check the swallow nest over by the tree planting site.

Mama swallow guards her nest bravely,
but a momentary flight for food...

I peek in...

Delicate Easter pink eggs nestled in her feathers.

Even the cherry blossoms make new life forming fruit around their seeds...

..and the spruce tree seeds in its cones.

Wild raspberry blossoms burst into flower tempting bees to bring them pollen.

The Land is joyful - full of new life!

When I was 16, my beloved grandmother died.
(Ed, we need pictures of Me-me!)

Mom and Dad were in Europe, my 2 older sibs off to college.
I was left at home - the one to answer the questions.

Six year old Christopher Robin came up to me, sad and worried.

"Helen" he asked. "Is everybody going to die?"

"Yes, Christopher, everyone is going to die someday."

"But then...who will be left?"

"Well, Chris, there are people being born all the time too!"


And he trotted off happy, Pooh-bear tucked under his arm.

and Life goes on...
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