Monday, May 17, 2010

Fifty Sunrises

So I have an idea...

Our bike ride across America will be a nice, neat 50 days.

Fifty days - like the fifty stars - we will trek across this country from sea to shining sea.

I'd like to take a picture of the sunrise every single morning.

In the end - if one of you graphics people can tell me how - I'd like to make a poster of the 50 sunrises across America.

"Mom!" Al squeaked - "why did you pick sunrises?"

(Al is not a morning person).

Well, we will see a lot of the sunrises, because we're biking west to east facing the rising sun.

Besides, I think sunrises are a more positive image - looking forward into our future.

Then again, I wonder, are sunsets prettier?

Do they have a better color scheme because it's warmer later in the day, more clouds, more dust?

I don't know.

I'll have to ask a photographer.

OK, how about this...

...we'll take all 50 sunrises and all 50 sunsets.

After all, the film is digital.

In the end, we can see which would make the better poster.

But... why stop there?

We should take 50 good pictures of Al - she's very photogenic - and maybe make a poster of 50 days with Al.

Or a picture each day of the 2 of us together?

There are lots of possibilities - but they all need to be considered now before the trip begins.

Usually I come up with these great ideas half-way through the trip when it's too late to capture all the images.

So give me your suggestions...
and hurry.

Five weeks from now we'll be in Oregon...

...ready to start the journey of a lifetime!

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