Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gear for the bike ride - gloves

Why - when I'm late for work - can I only find four left hand gloves?

The heck with statistics - shouldn't 1/2 the gloves I find be right-handed?

Is there a right hand thief in my house?

Can I catch him right-red-handed?

I can't bike without gloves...

...even if I have to wear a lefty on my righty like I did this morning.

On frosty days I need them to keep my fingertips warm.

If I crash - which I haven't done since Al tried to hand me the water bottle after biking 70+ miles and our two wheels interlocked and we went down - if I crash, the gloves protect the delicate skin over my knuckles..

..and the sensitive skin on the palm of my hands.

Most often, though, I need my gloves to protect me from tingling.

Being a doctor I know about those nerve bundles that course through the center of your wrist then spray out to serve your fingers.

Being a biker I know what it feels like when that nerve bundle gets pinched for a 17 hour bike ride.

Oh, I move my hands a lot.

The advantage of these really cool curvacious handlebars is lots of hand positions.
Up, down, sideways, every which way.

But about mile 150 or so, nothing can take away that stinging sensation in your fingertips.

I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't have my padded gloves!

Besides that lovely biker glove tan line tells the world who I am...

...even those rare times you find me not on a bicycle.
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