Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Nature Family Vacation - The Summit

What else will I miss this summer?

The Nature Family Summit at Lake Tahoe!

I hate to miss it!

Every year our whole family looks forward to our weeklong family vacation with the Nature Family Summits all over America!

We started this tradition back when TJ was just two years old.

Every day he would go to "class" to learn about bugs, nature and the big outdoors.

That year the Summit was in the Adirondacks of New York.

Since then, every year - a new wonderful place and amazing adventures for the whole family.

Where else can a Mom and Dad have as much fun as the kids during the day...

...and join together in the evening for the family dinner vying for who had the greatest adventure that day?

Was it Tom on his morning canoe trip across the quiet lake?

Or Helen's field trip to release a timber rattlesnake into the wild?

Maybe KC bonding with friends from Summits past?

Or Al with a wild game of prey and predator?

Could it be Nicky's group listening to the music of Ron Cisar?

Or TJ getting face to face with a real wolf?

We enjoyed the wonder of being in the midst of nature for one week with your family and amazing friends.

Exploring the alpine tundra of the Colorado Rockies...

....or the cliffs of the Adirondacks.

We've kayaked in the great tides of the Bay of Fundy...

...and the cold waters of Lake Superior.

The Summit, for 15 years now, has been the best gift we've given our family.

It has taught us all a sense of adventure and appreciation of the great natural beauty of America.

But this year Tom, KC and TJ will travel to Lake Tahoe without us.

Al and I will take our Summit to the road as we explore the vistas of this country...

...from our own two wheels.

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