Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summertime Berries!

What will I miss in Indiana this summer?


I've been watching the blackberries at The Land this spring.

Slowly dropping their petals...

losing their beauty...

....swelling their centers with berry juices.

I watch the springtime green...

.....turning to summertime black.

Ready to eat!

The birds are way ahead of us.

All spring I've noticed them on the Monon trail.

As you jog down the trail, the mulberry trees fairly shake with the sounds of feasting birds in their heavy branches.

Heedless strollers miss the riches of the berries by the trail.

Not just rich flavors, but colors!

Serviceberries - sweet  and bright!

They disappear quickly - the birds snap them up as soon as the red warms to blue.

Wild strawberries hide in the underbrush of the Monon Trail.

But my favorites are the wild black raspberries of home.

Their sweetness is worth the battle with the birds, thorns and mosquitos.

Growing wild where man doesn't mow...

One fresh sweet black raspberry is the taste of summer.

I tasted my first black raspberry this morning as the sun melted the dew.

Summer comes soon to Indiana with the berries.

But I will be gone...

biking the roads of Oregon to New Hampshire....

...looking for berries.

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