Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to bike mountains

How will I bike mountains?

Heck if I know.

I've been biking all spring in flat Indiana to train for this ride across America.

The closest thing we have to a mountain is the town of Mt Summit...

and its steepest slope is the ramp to the interstate.

But I've been searching out the hills of the Blue River Valley in East Central Indiana...

...and I've stopped using the gears on my bike.

I've been biking the hills of Indiana on the toughest gear Phoenix has to offer.

And my quads can tell.

Besides, it's not the uphills that scare me.

It's those screaming descents!

Fifty miles per hour and your handlebars start to shake.

Frank says not to lean back and hit the brakes.

He says lean into it and lower your center of gravity.

But Frank! I cry.
Then I'll go faster!

Won't that be fun? he chuckles.

But I'm preparing for the mountains by working on the most important muscles of my body.

        The Brakes!

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