Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, TJ, my son!

Sixteen years ago I got a surprise for my birthday!

The c-section was planned in April. My sister was here for my birthday party.

But TJ was impatient!

He woke me up the morning of my birthday with labor pains.
I suggested he wait, but he was no April Fool.

So there was the mad rush to the hospital.
Emergency c-section.
And I got to spend my birthday in the hospital with my first and only son.

He grew up with three older sisters.

They beat up on him.
They spoiled him.
And they love him dearly.

Sometimes he does crazy things...
like snow shoveling a birthday greeting to sister Al.

He bakes Christmas cookies with his sisters.

He has always loved Halloween!

Did I mention he's a cycler?

He's always been intrepid...
ready to face all kinds of weather.

One day with tornado sirens pending he asked if he could ride to Village Pantry with the 30 mph tailwind.

I'm a very bad mom.
I said yes.

He asked his friend Seanman to join him. Seanman's mom, having more sense, said no.

So T whisked away 1 1/2 miles to VP like the Wizard of Oz.

And, being a good mom, I picked him up so he wouldn't have to face the head wind home.

His first century at age 13...

He biked the first 76 miles on the Great Greenway Tour.

Then continued with the 24 mile ride home.

He finished by zooming down the hill on 103, arms in the air - Elation!

The next year - The Horsey Hundred -
a beautiful ride in Kentucky Horse country.

Blooming redbuds.

Newborn colts frolicking.      Absolutely beautiful!

And now, 16 years old, he graduates to Beluga, the white corolla.

My son...          
The best birthday gift ever!
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