Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't hurt me, car!

You are so big...
and i am so small.

You are so fast, and even with my "cute little legs churning away" (my father's expression) I only go 20 mph. Tops!

What looks like a wide open shoulder to you, may be full of gravel and shattered glass to me.

A pothole that may give you a little bump would pop my tire.

When I have been churning away for 60-70 miles and the adrenaline has run out - when the lactic acid builds and my mind has turned to jelly - just a sudden yell or swoosh could topple me into the shoulder or worse!

And when the driver thought it was funny that day to throw a can of beer at my back as I was struggling against a fierce headwind....

Or the time a driver coming towards me threw a super-sized cup of cola straight at my handlebars....

Don't hurt me, cars.

I'm not hurting you.
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