Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 52 - Back Home Again

It's amazing what you miss from home when you're biking across America for 50 days!

You miss your husband's great cooking.

Fresh fruit on the counter.

Your own pillow.

Your car.

And of course, the kids!

KC and Nicky are at Debi's getting their going-back-to-college Debi haircuts.

TJ, who just got his license before I left, pulls up in Beluga, the white Corolla.

And look! The braces are off!

When I walk in the door, Dusty isn't too sure what to make of me.

Stubby just wants food.

But the puppies are thrilled that I'm back.

I've biked over the Rockies and the Black Hills,

but one more mountain to climb....

....the stack of slides waiting for me to review at work.

I'm so excited to see The Land again!

After all, we were raising money for land conservation because we fell in love with this little piece of heaven in New Castle Indiana.

The land is full of life...

...and sometimes danger!

Now it's time for a good night's sleep in a familiar bed...

After so many sunrises out on the road...

It's so nice to watch the sun rise

over your own front yard

back home.

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