Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 51 - Transition

This blogging thing has turned my world upside down.

Nothing duller than an airport.

Two hours of filtered air.

...muted talk

...stale light

But now that I see life as a blog, I find all sorts of interest in this trapped environment.

Patterns of light and shadow...

Stories waiting to tell...


This time I enjoy my time wandering the airport looking for thoughts...

Now the bland moments of life are full of promise...




The big moments

- the birthdays and Christmases

- they overwhelm you.

That's the time to toss the camera aside and live in the moment.

Granted, if you catch me with a camera under the Grand Teton, I'll have to take his picture.

But I begin to find more interest in the unnoticed bits of this world...

. the airport trashcan.

But back to my story...

Sunrise in Portsmouth

(to drive KC crazy....)

It rained last night.

Bikes all packed for home...

People ready to be packed in vans.

A long drive to Logan airport...

chatting about the last 50 days we've shared.

The airport wait...

I migrate to the bookstore - my first in 50 days.

Everyone on the bike ride was reading Dragon Tattoo.

Finally I'm on the plane...

My outside world shrinks to 1x1.

But pull out my computer and my world opens wide!

I can feel the days in Wyoming all over again.

My thighs ache to be pedaling.

It seems just an instant before I see Indianapolis below the wing.

What will it be like to be home again?

Has my world changed while I wandered?

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