Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gear for the Bike Ride - The Bike Bag

I needed a new bike bag.

I had to admit the old one was worn out.

We had gone too many miles together.

This bag had loyally carried my books and my clothes, food and drink in all kinds of weather.

But it was time to retire.

So, as always, I went to Frank.

What do you want in a bag? he asked.

I mentioned the two phones I had drowned so far this year.

Waterproof would be nice.

So Frank found this awesome Axiom bag.

Made of nylon - the water beads up and the innards stay dry.

Sounds like a good option for a cross country biker.

But after a week I went back to Frank.

It's too small, I said.

When we cross into Idaho we'll have a day starting out in the 40s and ending in the 90s.

I'll be shedding clothes right and left.
This little bag will only carry my favorite red jacket.

What about my long pants, my under armour, my many layers?

And what about my Kindle?

Well, you Goof! said Frank. It has panniers!

And, lo and behold, those little side pockets open up and stretch down adding storage space for my layers of clothes and all.

How cool!

And in case you're worried about the Droid - I bought this cool dry case.

Waterproof - and after you suck out the air, you can use the Droid in its waterproof cover.

We are ready now for rain, cold and heat.

America, here we come!
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