Monday, March 22, 2010

How I dress for biking


It's all about layers.

No matter how cold you are when you start you are going to get warmer.

And then you want to strip.

So on a cold day I typically wear 4 layers.

Heavy jacket.
Light jacket.
Bike jersey.
Under armour.

What I can't understand is long sleeved bike jerseys.

Then if you get hot you can't strip down to a plain short-sleeved jersey.

You won't find any long sleeved jerseys in my bike wardrobe.

Same deal with padded long pants - silly things.

Sure I wear long pants to bike.
Any time it's 65 degrees or colder.

But I want my padding in my shorts so I have the option to strip off the long pants and cool my spinning leg muscles.


The brighter, the better.

Our biggest risk out on the road is getting hit by a car.
So I do everything in my power to be sure they can see me.

Orange and yellow.
My safest, favorite shirt is my flaming RAIN jersey.

Why does anyone make black rain jackets for biking?
Do they hate bikers?
The last thing we need when the day gets gloomy, when windshield wipers are blasting away, when roads are slick - is to be hidden in the cloud cover with a black gortex rain jacket!

Give me bright yellow!

And colors.

That's all you need to remember.
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