Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Century of the Year

I did it!

Kitty may believe in me, but he was sure snoozin' when I took off this AM. predicted some variable winds today - starting out from the NNE so I headed west to Zionsville.

Pretty easy ride. Stopped at Mile 17 for my Jacks donut (I only get a Jacks now if I do 100).

Looked up at the flags - they were definitely showing a wind from the south.

 So I said what the heck
and turned North
up Indianapolis Blvd.

In about 8 miles
the wind shifted back NW.
So I shifted, too. Back South to Zionsville and back east to home.

Hit home right at the 50 mile mark.

PB&J, Diet Coke, dropped off the excess clothes and back out on the road.

The wind was now SW, but the weatherman predicted a change at 5:00 to a NNE wind.

 That could be perfect!

So I headed to Pendleton NE of home.

Got to Pendleton - kinda tired.
Needed 5 more miles before I would turn around.

One mile later I was sagging - badly.
Terrible headache, woozy, confused.
Any sudden noise or bump and I would go down.
I was dying to stop to clear my head, but all there was was empty fields around.
I figured I needed replenishment, but I hadn't brought supplies.

I knew there was a gas station near, but I didn't know if I would hit it by mile 75 (my turnaround target).

I wanted to keep going to beat that predicted wind change.

I was counting down the miles.
Telling myself
 4 1/2 miles -
That's just my  distance to work.
3 miles
Just the distance home to downtown - surely I can do that (I really wasn't sure).
2 miles
The distance from M avenue to home.
1 mile
The distance to Sarah Browns house.

Then my blurry vision thought it saw a crossroads ahead.
Was it the Marathon station?
I wasn't sure at first.
But it was!
I hit 75 miles and had to go an extra 0.3 miles to get to the station.
I tell you, I did not want to go that extra 0.3 miles.

I hit the station and gulped down a gatorade and salty snack.
Wow! That was close to a bonk.

But once I had refreshed myself, my headache cleared and I was ready to get back on the road.

Heading back I had a stiff wind from the South.

I was going to be in trouble here. At mile 83 I would hit Cyntheanne and head straight South. I wasn't sure I could survive a head wind now. Where was that change had promised?

At mile 81 suddenly I noticed that the wind that had been hitting me from the left was now hitting me from the right. I checked the flag.

Luckily in Indiana everyone flies an American flag. Handy for bikers.

Yes! No one ever notices when the weatherman gets it right, but this time he was right on - well, 45 minutes late, but who's squabbling?

Great tail wind for my southern stretch.
Turned back west towards home.

Four miles to go and I even stopped at the CVS to use the ladies room and get some lotion. I wanted to be able to enjoy my last 4 miles.

Oops! The temperature had dropped about 10 degrees while I was in CVS.
And all the extra clothes were at home.
So I chilled the last 4 miles.

Oh, well, you do 100 miles, you expect to be miserable some way or another.

I spun into home and I felt great.

Now I sit back with a glass of wine and relax.
It has been a good day.
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