Thursday, May 13, 2010


I don't mind getting wet...

I do mind getting electrocuted...

That's why I started out early Wednesday morning.
I knew storms were predicted.

But I figured I could finish my 33 fast miles before the storms hit.

Last minute change in direction when I realized the winds were coming from the east.

I would be heading out to the country north and east of Fishers today.

I like biking in the countryside.

I stopped for a breather at the fishing pond.

I didn't catch any fish, but loved the bench.

Next door a small family graveyard.

Some people aren't remembered by name...

Then off to Pendleton - quick turnaround and I'm heading back home.
It was sprinkling...

No biggie.

I've gotten wet before.

But when I saw the flash of lightning and heard thunder I headed for shelter - pronto!

I've been told if you're out in the open when lightning strikes you should find a ditch and lie down in it so you are low to the ground.

Sounds crazy - because usually if there is lightning, it's raining and you'll probably drown in the danged ditch.

Better advice - I've been told to crouch down as low as you can on the balls of your feet so you have less contact with the ground.

Better advice - find a farmhouse.

I've had very good luck with Indiana farmers.

I've found shelter on their front porches during many a storm.

And they've been gracious.

Or in this case, not home.

I sheltered for almost on hour on this wide porch -watching the cars swoosh the puddles on the road...
...the rain drip off their hammock rack...

...the drops shining on their garden flowers.

I had the company of their stone gnome.

But I checked the Droid and the bulk of the storm was headed my way...
...and I was chilling.

I don't mind getting wet...
if I can keep biking and keep my heart rate up.

But if I stop - the wet soaks through to a bone- chattering chill.

I called my loving husband Tom to come rescue me.

I huddled in the corner of that porch
avoiding the least little breeze that would shiver my skin.

I was miserable.

I called Tom twice who was taking the long way around to find me.

I talked to the old rotten pumpkin to take my mind off the cold rain trickling down my back.

Finally Tom pulled into the driveway!

I scampered into the Highlander and watched the rain on the windshield as Tom threw the bike in the back.

Home to a hot shower and bed...

to finish the mornings blog.

The sky cleared.

And I realized I had a window of opportunity before the next storm.

So back on the bike to finish my last 8 miles.

Am I crazy or what?

It must run in the family.

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