Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike to Work Day

Why bike?

Because biking is so much fun!

Well, yeah, you can lose weight.

I've had to diet my whole life - avoiding pizza, sweets and anything that tasted good just in order to keep the pounds off.

I remember gaining weight in medical school just eating salads.

But now that I bike, I even get to eat Jack's donuts...

(granted I only eat a Jacks if I'm biking 100 miles that day).

But, honestly, I've thrown away the scales.

Biking is the best way I've found to stay slim.

And biking is great for your heart!

When I had a fitness test at the YMCA and they saw my heart results the trainer asked - are you a biker?
Because the only other person he'd seen with a cardiac response like mine was a long distance biker.


When I got knee pain after hiking, I asked my orthopedic surgeon, what should I do?

He said keep biking.

Biking is great for the heart and easy on the joints.

He also said if I wanted to bike across America, do it now rather than later.

I always follow my doctor's advice.

Hate that smog?

That dull gray haze that sits on the horizon and chokes kids with asthma?

Get out of the car and ride your bike.

Keep the air clean for everyone.

How about the oil spill in the Gulf and all the bad guys we pay good American money to buy oil from?

Ride your bike more and we won't need all that oil.

But toss all those benefits aside, the very best reason I have found to ride a bicycle is the pure joy of it.

Spinning down a hill gathering speed to coast up the next one.

Hearing the birds sing in the morning as I pedal along Jeffery Street.

Waving to the neighbors on the bike ride home in the evening.

"What's the perfect exercise?" the specialist asked the audience.

"It's any and all of those," he replied..
"It's whatever exercise you enjoy doing."

I've found my perfect exercise....
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