Sunday, May 2, 2010

A bike ride in the mist

When I left this morning Kitty was just settling in to his morning nap.

There was a light rain settling on to the pond.

The mother red-winged blackbird was guarding her nest.

And off I went in my bright yellow jacket to brave the mist.

Mist doesn't need braving though. I love biking in the mist.
It makes the world quieter, more thoughtful.

There's a gentle sound to the cars swooshing through the puddles.

When I stop for a sip from my water bottle I notice the rain drops on the trees along the road.

They're so lovely.

Too bad they're black locusts.

 The reflections along the roadside make dead trees and barbed wire fences into such interesting patterns.

It's an easy 30 miles.
My legs feel strong.
I needed that rest last week - mentally as well as physically.

I head back home to check on the family.

Nothing much has changed.

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