Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what's the connection?

Biking and land conservation?

What's the connection I was asked. Why are we riding bikes for land conservation?

Gosh! It seems to me so natural that the two go together.

When I am biking I am out in the elements, closely connected with the land, the wind and the weather.

When I am sweltering on the 67th mile of a long. hot bike ride and the road takes me past a stand of trees - shade! The temperature drops 10 degrees and I breathe a sigh of relief.

When I get caught in a chilling rainstorm many miles from home and find respite under a tree, I thank heavens for that natural shelter.

When I top that hill and see an open field cascading down to a rambling creek, or fire-red autumn trees, or a meadow full of black-eyed Susans - that is when I love land conservation.

When I'm out early and the first light of dawn is greeted by the migrating songbirds visiting Indiana's natural lands....

Biking connects me with the outdoors. To me every day spent inside conditioned air and controlled heat is a day wasted in my life.

I was so glad to see the Deschutes Land Trust shares my two passions.

This land trust in Central Oregon partners with Cycle Oregon to promote an annual week long tour visiting the Oregon State Parks (too bad. it's already sold out for this September).

That reminds me of our Indiana TRIRI - our spring and fall weeklong tours Al and I enjoyed while she still lived at home.

Deschutes Land Trust helped support a bike ride for outdoor industry employees from Portland to their annual trade show in Salt Lake City. Along the way they visited conservation projects they'd supported. They even produced a conservation themed film at this event.

Their executive director, Brad Chalfant, is an avid cyclist and has offered food and shelter as well as help promoting our Flight.

I hope Brad will bike alongside us and share with us his love of this land.
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