Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tom likes action flicks.
I go for drama - no violence.

We have trouble finding a movie to watch.

But this weekend, in my quest to immerse myself in things pertaining to The Big Bike Ride, I happened across a movie that fit the bill.

Thunderheart, with Val Kilmer, set in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Excellent movie for the scenery. And for a glimpse into the situation of Native Americans - life on the rez as they say. Plenty of action for Tom; dramatic scenery and characters for me.

Even Tom enjoyed the wise old Indian with his weathered face and mysterious words.

He reminded me of the old ad from the 70s - the Indian with the single tear running down his rugged cheek. What was that an ad for?

As I scour my atlas for our route across America I see frequent Indian reservations - in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota. Odd that I come from a state named for the Native Americans, but I know none. Other than Jim Bruchac from the Family Nature Summits.

The scenery of Thunderheart is amazing. I had read about the Black Hills, about the badlands - I knew the area was sacred to the Indians - hence the vortex of Little Big Horn, Wounded Knee, and the newly proposed country of Lakotah.

I can't wait to see it all from the seat of my bicycle.
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