Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ed

Meet Ed.

Ed is my younger brother. I have two - Ed and Chris. Both have wonderful wives and adorable little kids. Both live in Southern California.My husband, Tom, can beat them both at ping-pong. I get them mixed up sometimes.
(not really).

Ed is my mentor. He is the first blogger I ever met, back when I thought it was a derisive term.

He carries on a great blog with lots of family news as well as his musings on the business world, technology and general world events. I think the highlight was when his blog was featured in the Freakonomics blog in the New York Times.

But Ed has inspired me in other ways.

When I was slogging through medical school he was biking across the back roads of India. Not that Ed was really into biking. It was just the cheapest way to get around for a post-college student trying to get as far as he could on the money he saved when he was a paperboy for the Courier Times back in New Castle.

Ed made it through Eastern Europe, India, Southeast Asia with stops to make money teaching English in China and Japan. He managed to pick up a few languages, loads of experiences, and a case of malaria. Easily treated with quinine.

Now Ed is a settled adult (more or less) with 4 kids and a dog. He jogs, blogs and plays Facebook Scrabble with our 88 year old Mother.

Happy Birthday, Ed.
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