Friday, March 5, 2010

Match my Miles

Here's an idea for a fund raising event.

We pick a weekend day during National Bike Month - the month of May. We set up on the Cardinal Greenway, an awesome rail-trail of 24 miles going through Muncie.

The challenge that day is to get riders to match the miles Al and I will accomplish on the Bike Ride across America. That 3,630 miles.

So if you get 10 riders they may each have to do 363 miles that day. Get 100 riders and each needs to only do 36.3 miles. Everyone does what they can. One biker may do a full 100 and another just to Losantville and back.

Here's the trick - everyone should bring in $1 for every mile they  bike - either their own money or from a sponsor.

And all of the money would go to support land conservation at the Red-tail Conservancy and the Land Trust Alliance.

What do you think?
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