Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 36 - Manitowoc WI to Ludington, MI - Crossing Lake Michigan

Back with the bike group but not biking...

We wheel our bikes onto the Badger to ferry us across this obstacle in our path - Lake Michigan!

Once on board some of us watch the shoreline fade into the distance...

Others work to amend their weird biker tan...

I am lucky to have a visitor for the four hour cruise...

Barry Banks, the director of the Red-tail Conservancy (RTC).

Barry has brought his family, Hunter and Jamie, up to ride the ferry with us and cheer on our Flight for the Land.

Al and I are riding our bikes across America to raise money for RTC and the other local land trusts all across the country.

RTC is protecting our 33 acres of land in Indiana... well as 2,000 more acres of woods, farmlands and prairies in East Central Indiana.

And Barry tells me the big news....

The girl scouts want to sell Camp Munsee - 48 acres of a beautiful deep oak woods with a long history of raising girls to appreciate nature.

The forest hasn't been disturbed so it has a wonderful floor of woodland wildflowers.

But Red-tail needs to raise $150,000 to buy this treasure!

That's a lot of money for our small land trust.

Josie and Geoff Fox have donated $75,000, so we're half way there!

Al and I have only raised $4,000 so far for Flight.

But we're getting $1 for every red-tailed hawk we spot on our ride.

And ten cents for every mile we bike (from my Mother).

So Al will be raising more money than I will with her many long miles.

If you'd like to donate to our Flight and Red-tail, you can click here or send a check to RTC, Box 8, Muncie, IN, 47308.

Back to the boat...

There is a lot to do on shipboard

There's bingo....

The internet...

Or watch Wisconsin slowly fade into the distance.

Four long hours of waiting

watching the waters

thinking about the many miles left to the Atlantic ocean.

Land ho! calls Eileen.

We gather on the front deck to watch the state of Michigan slowly grow on the horizon.

The captain spins the great boat around so the cars and bikes will be able to roll out onto the dock of The Great Lakes state.

Not only surrounded, but bisected, by the great lakes, Michigan is famous for its forests and waterways.

I've read that in Michigan you are never more than 6 miles from a body of water.

More important to a biker...

Michigan will be our flattest state.

We gather on the deck to retrieve our bikes from below...

And Barry will return to Indiana to continue the good work of the Red-tail Conservancy.

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