Friday, June 18, 2010

Ready to bike across America?

Why am I so nervous?

I feel like I am about to jump off of a cliff into an unknown chasm.

I must've gotten old sometime.

It's so hard to leave the comforts of home for 50 days of adventure.

Thirty eight days away from Tom.

....the longest we've been apart for 25 years.

Good-bye to Indiana.

Flat familiar squares of farmland.

Flying over the Rockies

Will I really bike over this?

And landing at last in Oregon...

It feels so scary.

Then I find Alex.

She rushes me up the back staircase of the hotel.

To the roof to see the city and the river.

Back down the steps we risk opening the alarm door to get outside.

Dinner - full of stories about Argentina, Sarah Brown, and her day in Portland.

Typical adventurous Al.

She took a tram to the Japanese gardens....

 and read the NY Times...

.... article about Argentina and the World Cup.

Then somehow she ended going to the hospital to eat lunch.

How random.

She walked.

She talked to strangers (did I raise her well?)

She met two young women traveling the world until their money runs out - one from Australia, the other from Britain.

Finding like-spirits in the wilds of Portland.

Al may not be hardened to the rigors of biking...

...but she is ready for adventure.

And to help her get ready.....

- breakfast in bed at the hotel....

Steussy-Williams chocolate chip cookies from KC.

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