Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scared of Biking across America

In just four weeks I'll be biking up the Cascade mountains on the first challenge of my bike ride across America....

...and I'm scared!

I'm not scared of the distance...

or the mountains....

or the thirst, hunger, pain, aches, heat, cold or rain.

Been there, done that.

I have trained and my body feels ready...

...but I'm having my doubts.

I'm afraid of leaving home.

Fifty days I'll be gone.

Who will feed my dogs and my birds?

Will my Prius be taken care of?

Who will love on my cat?

What about my duck garden?

Will the kids help Tom?

And what about my Mother?

Since Dad died, she's come over for dinner every Sunday starting with Mother's Day.

We only have 3 dinners left before I go.

What if something happens to her while I'm gone?

I have reason to be scared.

Last fall, when Tom and I left for a long-awaited bike trip to Italy, we got called back because Mom was dying.

Luckily she survived.

But could it happen again?

Three weeks ago I biked a century right here in Indy.

And my Father died that night.

But I was there.

Yes, I'm afraid to leave my family.

Who would guess that the hardest thing about biking across America is leaving home?
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