Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get back on the bike!

My bicycle!

My Dad wouldn't have wanted me to forget my bicycle.

He was so proud of my dream to bike across America with daughter Alex this summer.

Every time I visited him at Zionsville Meadows he would ask..
"Did you get your bike ride in?"

Or if I showed up in bike gear looking wind-blown ..."tough day for biking today."

He always loved weather.

One of his favorite games was guessing what temperature would be displayed on the Ameriana bank sign in New Castle.

And sitting in Zionsville Meadows with Mother watching sports he rarely went outside.

I like to think my biking and blogging gave him a connection with the outdoors.

He could look out the window and imagine me facing the weather.

This ride across America - this is the kind of thing he might have done.

He loved to travel - from the Worlds Fair in Chicago... Pike's Peak...
...and to many trips with Mother to Europe -

He loved to see new places.

I have his glasses.

I picked them up at the hospital that night.

If it's all right with you, Mom, I'll take his glasses with me on my Flight.

That way Dad can see America this summer with Al and me.

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