Friday, April 30, 2010

Packing up the Old Family Home

What do I do with Garfield?

Kc won this silly huge stuffed Garfield at the Farmer's Pike Festival many long years ago.

How do I empty out this old house?

I signed the contract with the real estate agent...within 30 days of selling...vacate the premises.
There is no way!

I've been hauling away boxes and boxes to Goodwill, to the schools, to every charity that could use old clothes or Garfields.

And still the house is full...

...of so many memories.

Take pictures says Ann Landers.
Capture the memories on film.

Take pictures of the front porch where you ate so many family dinners.

On a warm summer evening we would eat corn on the cob as the neighbors wandered over to discuss the weather or the pets or the kids.

Can we take TJ's dogwood tree with us?

...or Crabby, the kids' favorite climbing tree?

Who else has snowflakes on the windows all year long?

The art on the walls is absolutely priceless...

Some of the pictures I don't even understand.

It's amazing to see the floor of Alex and KC's room. When they lived here they were lucky to clear a path from the door to the beds.

Who wants the cat picture which has hung in Nicky's room for these many years?

Why is there a single shoe left in the bookcase?

And the great room...

Tom's chair sits empty. He sat here for every episode of Buffy and numerous viewings of Jaws.

He has sat in this chair with kitties on his lap and puppies and babies.
And every Christmas until 2009 he opened his presents here.

What do I do with Tom's old chair?

KC's chair...

I actually gave this to Tom 22 years ago as a present.

But somehow it became KC's chair in the last few years.
This is a chair that belongs in a big old family home full of kids, pets and neighbors.

Shrug it off, Helen.
Pack away all that junk to Goodwill.

The stuff doesn't matter!

It's the people that matter...
..and we're moving on.

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