Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

My kids love an Easter egg hunt.

Ages sixteen through twenty-two and they still love hunting Easter eggs.

We've gotten very creative over the years.

One year when the older cousins wanted to join in, we said, sure! You just can't use your hands.

It was quite amusing watching them try to gather eggs into their baskets sans hands.

And one year we slowed Al down by having her spin around after each egg she picked up.
Nicky had to hop after each egg.

Sometimes we do getting hot, getting cold to help them find the colorful treasures.

We'll often find a forgotten egg many months later.

We enjoy them so much we've been known to have Easter egg hunts in the middle of the summer - just for fun.

And of course, the best place for an Easter egg hunt is The Land.

We'll hide eggs in trees and under leaves.

The barn is a great hiding place.

And afterwards it's time to sort out your collection.

Easter is a wonderful time to be a kid... matter how old you are.
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