Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Nos = our
-algia = pain

It's a shared pain - returning home.
My kids are nostalgic for New Castle.

Jack's Donuts.
The Castle Theater.
The Rose Bowl.

So for KC's spring break they had to spend Sunday morning - Quarter Mania Day- at the New Castle bowling alley.

TJ, KC, Nicky and Justin came from Indy to join Seanman in New Castle for the big event.

There's a history here.

Many years ago when I was 14, I bowled my best game, 229, at the Rose Bowl. For a girl with an average a little over 100, that was a moment to remember.

And even more years ago, my Dad bowled 9 straight strikes, with a total score of 280.
At the Rose Bowl.

For those of you who don't bowl, 300 is a perfect game.

Small town Indiana.

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