Monday, March 8, 2010

Buy land - now!

Land for sale - cheap!

That beautiful woods you pass on your way to work? That lovely mist-covered field with the wildflowers that stretches down to the river?

They're all for sale. Half price. Discount.

In the current real-estate market there is more land for sale than I can ever remember. And cheaper.

But how can you afford it? You're not Ted Turner who has preserved so much land in Montana that he hosts his own buffalo herd.

You can't.

But if we all donate a little cash - $25, $100, whatever - to our local land trust, they can buy that woods, that meadow, that mountainside!

If you donate to Flight before the end of March we have a supporter that will match all donations up to $1,000. All of the Flight money goes to the Red-tail Conservancy, our East Central Indiana land trust, and the Land Trust Alliance, who supports land trusts all over our country.

Or donate to your own local land trust. On our Flight web site we have a list of the land trusts we'll bike through on our cross country bike - 34 of them. They are all small groups of dedicated citizens who are working to preserve the natural lands and working farms near their homes for future generations.

See that meadow near your daughter's school?

Future strip mall?
 Or will it be a home for birds and butterflies for years to come?

We can all work together and protect lands, large and small, from East coast to West, so our children will have more than concrete as our legacy to them.
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